Sports Fitness and Wellness Specialist


Sports Fitness and Wellness is an entry level program for students to pursue a career in the Fitness Industry. This online program teaches Introduction to Physical Fitness and Wellness, 2. Behavior Modification, 3. Nutrition for Wellness, 4. Body Composition, 5. Weight Management, 6. Cardiorespiratory Endurance, 7. Muscular Fitness: Strength and Endurance, 8. Muscular Flexibility. Fitness Programming and Skill Fitness, 10. Stress Assessment and Management Techniques, Preventing Cardiovascular Disease, 12. Cancer Prevention, 13. Addictive Behavior, 14. Preventing Sexually Transmitted Infections, 15. Lifetime Fitness and Wellness. Various quizzes are available within each module to evaluate the learner’s outcome, these quizzes will give the learner the feedback about their progress into the course as they proceed from one module to another. This online program is designed for learner’s who want to advance their career and are unable to do so, due to their work and person obligations. 

At successful completion of the program the student will be awarded with a Certificate of Completion.

  • Self-Discipline your self

  • Schedule the time required for study

  • Be Focussed once you enroll.

  • Describe the consequences of physical inactivity on human body health.

  • Describe and discuss health problems and human behavior in reference to the environment.

  • Identify the daily activity.

  • Describe the term wellness.

  • Describe the term physical fitness.

  • Describe the difference between physical fitness and wellness.

  • Explain physical and health fitness.

  • Demonstrate assessment of blood pressure and heart rate.

  • Describe motivation and identify stages of change and process of change.

  • Explain SMART goal setting.

  • Explain nutrition.

  • Explain the relationship between nutrition and healthy well-being.

  • Explain MY PLATE guidelines set by USDA.

  • Explain the function of carbohydrates.

  • Explain the function of proteins.

  • Explain the function of fats.

  • Explain the function of vitamins.

  • Explain the function of minerals.

  • Explain the function of water.

  • Explain the function of fibers.

  • Conduct nutrient analysis.

  • Able to implement changes in diets.

  • Describe nutrient supplement guidelines.

  • Explain osteoporosis and guidelines to prevent it.

  • Understand the dietary guidelines.

  • Understand the main differences between essential and storage fat.

  • Describe the techniques of body composition assessment.

  • Relate body weight with body composition

  • Utilize skinfold thickness and girth measurements for assessing body composition.

  • Understand body mass index and waist circumference in assessing disease risk.

  • Understand obesity and its effect on health.

  • Describe weight management.

  • Describe eating disorders.

  • Explain basal metabolic rate.

  • Describe the role of exercise program in weight loss and maintain weight.

  • Describe strength training and its effects on weight management.

  • Describe aerobic exercise training and its effects on weight management.

  • Explain cardio-respiratory endurance.

  • Explain the cardia-respiratory endurance training.

  • Provide examples of anaerobic and aerobic exercise.

  • Explain oxygen uptake and its relevance in cardiorespiratory fitness.

  • Explain the difference between the various cardiorespiratory exercise intensities.

  • Describe muscular fitness levels in good health maintenance.

  • Understand the difference between muscular endurance, strength and fitness.

  • Describe the process of assessing muscular endurance.

  • Describe the process of assessing muscular strength.

  • Describe the factors that would affect strength.

  • Explain the principles of overload for strength training

  • Explain the principles of specificity for strength training

  • Explain in brief the diet required for strength development.

  • Describe the core strength training concept.

  • Explain the strength training.

  • Describe the strength training programs using with and without weights.

  • Describe muscular flexibility.

  • Describe the factors that affect muscular flexibility.

  • Describe the benefits if muscular flexibility (stretching).

  • Understand the tests that can be used to assess the body flexibility.

  • Understand and describe skill related fitness.

  • Describe the concept of aging and fitness.

  • Understand the concept of sleep on health both mentally and physically.

  • Understand the concept of stress and distress.

  • Describe stress and exercise.

  • Describe stress management techniques.

  • Describe and understand lifestyle choices to prevent cardiovascular diseases.

  • Understand the major risk factors associated with cardiovascular disease.

  • Describe cancer and guidelines on preventing it.

  • Identify the risk factors (major) that causes cancer.

  • Identify lifestyle choices that can decrease the risk of cancer.  

  • Understand the effect of addictive substances.

  • Identify tobacco health effects.

  • Describe the implementation of smoking cessation program.   

  • Identify sexually transmitted disease.

  • Describe health issues with sexually transmitted infections

  • Describe the difference between AIDS and HIV.

  • Describe prevention methods of sexually transmitted infections.

  • Understand the concept of healthy lifestyle.

  • Describe both physiological age and chronological age.

  • Understand the selection process of exercise equipment.

  • Assess test protocols for cardiorespiratory fitness.

  • Explain in brief the principles of cardiorespiratory exercise prescription taking into consideration the mode, frequency, duration and intensity along with the progression rate.





At successful completion, you will receive digital badges that can be used online to display your achievements.




At the completion of the program, you will be awarded with a program completion certificate.




With the completion of this program, you will also be awarded with Career Enhancement Clock Hours (CECH), that may be displayed on your resume. 




Your completion also comes with a dedicated transcript that shows your areas of grades for each course you attended.

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At successful completion of the program you will receive a Certification of Completion with your name on it from New Educare. A certificate of completion displays that you have successfully completed the course work required in the program. It sets a benchmark that others may or may not have achieved. 

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