All powerful leaders entail the most common and useful skill i.e public speaking. Students pursuing the Public Speaking Mastery Program will assist themselves into a world of professionalism. Public Speaking Mastery Program teaches students the confidence, improve their articulating skills and promote self-expression. People in professional and any other social setting require communication skills and this course excels in providing better communication skills as it may teach you actual proper listening and hearing skills. This course may aid you in learning how to comprehend, answer and recall messages. Providing and receiving feedback is one of the best traits to acquire in the business world and Public Speaking may assist students in learning how to not only process feedback, but be confident enough to deliver it too.
In this day and age, it is essential for professionals, individuals and students to learn tolerance and be able to speak to different types of people on all types of topics. It is essential for every professionals, individuals and students to learn to be sensitive and unbiased in matters of addressing certain issues and therefore this public speaking mastery program addresses such qualities as well.
Public Speaking Mastery Program consists of types of speeches; such as Informative, Persuasive and more. Also, the ways to deliver them such as impromptu or memorize. It also provides step by step tutorials of writing a speech for e.g. from its introduction to conclusion. Students might learn cognitive skills as writing speeches supplement students with experience in mind-mapping and brainstorming their thought processes. Students in their other learning courses require skills such as research; using primary and secondary sources, factual information and encyclopedias and this Public Speaking Mastery Program might provide guidance to students in helping achieve better research skills while also enhancing their writing expertise.
Finally, this Public Speaking Mastery Program may also assist in students’ creative abilities as it might teach you how to create presentations using audio and video aids to get your message across effectively. This is a self-paced course, this means that you can complete this certificate program at your learning pace within the allotted program duration access. At successful completion of the program the student will be awarded with a Certificate of Completion.

  • Self-Discipline your self

  • Schedule the time required for study

  • Be Focussed once you enroll.

  • Discuss the formation of communication discipline.

  • Explain the significance of communicating in professional and external communities.

  • Identify the association of public speaking with communication.

  • Define types of rhetorical circumstances such as speaker, place and audience.

  • Practice attentive listening.

  • Describe circumstances, obstacles and events where self-efficacy in communication is compromised.

  • Identify various types of listening, its significance and its use.

  • Demonstrate verbal and non-verbal communication that inhibit self- efficacy.

  • Analyze personal pros and cons in communication.

  • Define type of public speaking fears and anxiety.

  • Establish and utilize information important to objectives, audience and situation.

  • Define types of speech delivery techniques, parts of a speech and its significance to the audience

  • Application of communication theories.

  • Define types of techniques in choosing an appropriate speech topic in rhetoric situation and overall.

  • Define, examine and use communication scholarship.

  • Create questions regarding communication scholarship.

  • Analyze reliability, validity and currency.

  • Differentiate between primary and secondary source.

  • Differentiate between fact and opinion.

  • Define categories of information used to back up your claim in speech.

  • Describe ethical view.

  • Define ethical boundaries in communicating.

  • Pick ethical purpose in communicating.

  • Apply ethical guidelines mutual respect and truthful communication during and pre-speech.

  • Define six types of providing information.

  • Formulate a main point and an on-going flow in informative speeches.

  • Analyze the significance of introduction, conclusions essential to public speaking.Write an outline- formal and full-sentence, purpose statement and formulate a thesis statement.

  • Pick messages suited to diverse group of people.

  • Analyze the messages in speeches.

  • Identify the impact of messages in speeches.

  • Apply different types of attention-grabbing tools for an introduction in a speech.

  • Apply different types of tools to close speeches.

  • Define the significance of language, the usage of different words to attract audience and using appropriate language free of slang and difficult words.

  • Interpret how speaking and writing styles are different.

  • Identify types of speech delivery.

  • Describe how to deliver voice successfully.

  • Apply proper body language while presenting speech effectively.

  • Demonstrate how to use presentation aids during speeches.

  • Analyze the use of presentation tools in presenting a speech.

  • Define in detail the contents of an informative speech.

  • Formulate a successful speech introduction regards to audience, subject, time and purpose.

  • Use listening skills of inhibiting judgement, listening to main points, taking notes and asking.

  • Define persuasion and its relation to arguing.

  • Demonstrate how listeners receive persuasive information.

  • Use of logos, ethos and pathos in persuasive speeches.

  • Describe diversity in your audience and formulate your speech according to their attitude and beliefs.

  • Define what to add in a welcome speech.

  • Define the position of a master of ceremonies.

  • Discuss the steps for nominating speeches.

  • Identify the key concepts of giving recognition and tribute in a speech.

  • Define abbreviated procedures evident in impromptu speech.

  • Discuss the importance of problem solving and communicating in groups.

  • Identify types of leadership styles and their significance.

  • Discuss the effect of groupthink.

  • Discuss conflict amongst groups and its reasons.

  • Demonstrate which language can be applied in addressing conflict in groups.





At successful completion, you will receive digital badges that can be used online to display your achievements.




At the completion of the program, you will be awarded with a program completion certificate.




With the completion of this program, you will also be awarded with Career Enhancement Clock Hours (CECH), that may be displayed on your resume. 




Your completion also comes with a dedicated transcript that shows your areas of grades for each course you attended.

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At successful completion of the program you will receive a Certification of Completion with your name on it from New Educare. A certificate of completion displays that you have successfully completed the course work required in the program. It sets a benchmark that others may or may not have achieved. 

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