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Teaching Certification Program

Teaching is considered a noble profession. Those choosing this career do not enter this profession with the expectation of earning a lot of money. People enter this profession for the opportunity to make a difference in student's lives. Doctors, lawyers, Nurses, Constructions Workers, Policatians, Police Officers, and Celebrities all at one point in their lives were students in a classroom. New Educare Teaching Certificate program is designed for those interested in a career as a teacher as well as those already teaching. This program can provide you with new and innovative ways to teach lessons, manage your classroom, and navigating situations with student's behavioral issues.

What You Will Learn in the This Program

  • Importance of Time Management

  • Concept of Motivation and Confidence

  • Establishing and Maintaining a Positive Learning Environment

  • Attendance and Grading Assignments

  • Strategies for Test Taking, Study and Preparation

  • Learning Styles

  • Teaching Methods

  • Language and Communication Barriers

  • Teaching students with Learning Disabilities like Dyslexia and ADHA

  • Curriculum Development

  • Grading Scales and More!

The Power in a Career as an Educator

Teachers do not only have the potential to change the lives of the students in their classroom but also the community they serve as well. Receiving a quality education is a pathway out of Poverty and a deterrent for crime. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that nearly 70% of inmates in State Prison did not receive a high school diploma. The US spending on correctional facilities was more than $80 billion in 2016. Providing more outreach programs to students in school districts with at-risk communities could significantly reduce the odds of incarceration. Teachers try to instill students with personal and academic confidence so have they have the power to choose their future career and have the skills to do so.

*** Information regarding the Statistics of inmates and funding in state prisons was gathered from the United States Bureau of Justice Statistics. & the United States Department of Education

Career Paths in Teaching

Teachers Assistant

Education Required: Some college, No degree required

Average Salary: $27,000

Average Age of Students: All Ages

Preschool Teachers

Education Required: Associates

Average Salary: $30,000

Average Age of Students: 2-4

Kindergarten & Elementary Teachers

Education Required: Bachelors

Average Salary: 57,000

Average Age of Students: 5-12

Middle School Teachers

Education Required: Bachelors

Average Salary:$59,000

Average Age of Students: 11-14

High School Teachers

Education Required: Bachelors

Average Salary: $60,000

Average Age of Students: 14 -18

Postsecondary Teachers (Professors)

Education Required: Masters or Ph.D

Average Salary: $78,470

Average Age of Students: 18+

Technical and Career School Educators

Education Required: Bachelors

Average Salary: $56,000

Average Age of Students: 18+

*** All information regarding the education requirements and the average salary for the careers list above was gathered from the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. Information regarding the age of students by profession was gathered from Stamford American.

How to Become a Teacher

The requirements to become a certified teacher varies from state to state and the grade level you want to teach. Some teaching positions require a degree in education or a related area of study related to the subject you are going to teach. Teaching certification may be required for employment in public school, you will have to research to process to becoming a teacher in your state. Here is a link for information on how to become a teacher in new jersey. This teaching certificate program is great for those who are unsure if they want to enter the teaching profession and for those looking to improve classroom instruction.



At successful completion of the program you will receive a Certification of Completion with your name on it from NEIH. A certificate of completion displays that you have successfully completed the course work required in the program. It sets a benchmark that others may or may not have achieved. 

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