Making payments for your tuition & fees.

Tuition and Fees

The School will not allow a student to register, incur additional charges or add a course, issue a certificate, release a transcript of grades or a grade report, honor requests for enrollment verification or other certifications, permit deferred payment arrangements, or allow access to other student services until all debts are paid in full.


Responsibility for Tuition Debt

Students are responsible for debts resulting from registration for courses. Registrations will not be canceled for non-payment of tuition or non-attendance. Therefore, failure to pay for courses or attend courses will not release students from the responsibility for these charges.

Credit Card Payments

Students who pay using a credit card will be charged a 3.5% convenience fee.

Payment Plan

Either students or Authorized Users may establish the payment plan, but the student remains responsible for ensuring the account remains current. If the payment plan is not honored, there will be late fee charges applied towards each payment and the student will responsible for any such late charges and remaining tuition.

Third Party Payments

The school accepts company or organization checks or purchase orders as payment, or we can bill your employer for your total charges with the appropriate authorization. So if you employer would like to pay for your tuition they can contact us by filling the following application: CLICK HERE

Returned Checks and Charges

There is a $25 administrative charge for all checks and charges returned unpaid by the bank for any reason. If the check or charge is returned unpaid for any reason, the student will have seven (7) days to repay the check or charge amount and the $25 administrative fee along with the payment penalty and a financial hold on the account.  


Each account will be allowed three (3) returned checks, after which payment by check will not be accepted. This includes returned electronic payments.

After three (3) returned checks, payment MUST be made via money order, cash (in person), or via credit card via LEO (non-refundable fee of 2.85% or $3.00, whichever is greater).

Payment Plan is Due and Missing Payments:

If you opted for a payment plan option, all payments are due as per the payment plan.


1 Payment Missed on the Payment Plan:

Late Charge Plus Missed Payment Fee 


2 Payments Missed on the Payment Plan:

Late Charge Plus Missing Payment Fee & Suspension on Class.


3 Payments Missed on the Payment Plan:

Late Charge for 3 Payments Plus Full Tuition Fees, No Option for Payment Plan for Future Payments. 


Note for students on payment plan:  After missing 3 Payments, the option for payment plan will be terminated and the student will have to pay the full tuition to continue the program. 

  • Self-Discipline your self

  • Schedule the time required for study

  • Be Focussed once you enroll.


At successful completion of the program you will receive a Certification of Completion with your name on it from NEIH. A certificate of completion displays that you have successfully completed the course work required in the program. It sets a benchmark that others may or may not have achieved. 

How can i get started?

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We at NEIH offer 14 areas of study to suit the interest of our student community. We currently offer over 90 plus programs. NEIH is one of the very few schools to reach such benchmark and we are proud of it. Our programs are offered at various schedules along with affordable tuition and payment plan options. So please take your valuable time and browse through our subject areas and the programs offered. 


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