Medical Billing and Coding Professional program is an entry level program designed for individuals that would like to pursue a career in healthcare insurance related profession such as medical billing, medical coding or medical billing and coding. The course contents involve the core subjects of insurance and the health insurance forms that are utilized to submit the claims, this course also provides an overview on how to find the codes from the ICD 10 CM and CPT codes. The course focuses on over all aspect of the medical billing and coding while also providing basic knowledge in various types of insurances. This medical billing and coding professional online program has been designed for busy individuals that are unable to find time to attend an on campus traditional classroom setting but are available to commit to online training to pursue a career. The program has various quizzes to provide you with feedback while you are progressing from module to module.  

  • Self-Discipline your self

  • Schedule the time required for study

  • Be Focussed once you enroll.

  • Describes the concepts of health insurance

  • List the career options in health insurance

  • Describe professionalism in workplace

  • Understand the implementation of electronic health records

  • Describe the affordable care act

  • Explain in brief the managed care and the role of managed care organization

  • Understand the managed care models in detail

  • Explain consumer directed health plans

  • Name the managed care organization accreditation body

  • Describe the impact of managed care on medical practice

  • Describe about revenue cycle management

  • Explain and understand an encounter form

  • Explain and understand chargemaster

  • Explain how the insurance claims are processed

  • Describe the process of claims process for a new patient

  • Describe the process of claims process for an established patient

  • Describe insurance claim revenue cycle.

  • Discus HIPAA provisions

  • Describe the ICD 10 CM purpose and its use

  • Describe the ICD 10 PCS purpose and its use

  • Interpretation of ICD 10 CM for code assignment

  • Describe the CPT format

  • Identify and find the main terms in CPT index section

  • Identify and find the sub terms in CPT index section

  • Identify and find the modifier in the CPT

  • Identify the CPT codes for the procedure

  • Describe and Explain about HCPCS Levels

  • Identify the HCPCS level II

  • Recognize claims that requires use of HCPCS Level II codes

  • Identify claim that may require use of both the HCPCS level I and HCPCS Level II codes

  • In brief explain about CMS Payment systems

  • Describe the Medicare physician fee schedule payment system

  • In brief explain about coding for medical necessity

  • In brief explain about coding compliance

  • In brief explain about clinical documentation improvement

  • Describe the CMS 1500 Form

  • Explain each section of the CMS 1500 Form

  • Describe the UB 04 Form

  • Understand the term National Provider Identifier

  • Describe assignment of benefits

  • Describe accept assignments

  • Processing CMS 1500 claims

  • Describe the commercial insurance plan characteristics

  • Describe primary commercial vs secondary commercial claims

  • Describe blue cross

  • Describe blue shield

  • Explain the difference between blue cross and blue shield

  • Understand the completion of a CMS 1500 billing form for blue cross and blue shield claims

  • Understand the Medicare eligibility guidelines

  • Describe the enrollment process for Medicare

  • Understand the various parts of Medicare such as Medicare Part A, Medicare Part B, Medicare Part C, Medicare Part D

  • Understand the Medicare reimbursements for participating vs non-participating providers  

  • Understand as to when Medicare would be considered as a primary or secondary insurance

  • Understand the completion of a CMS 1500 billing form for Medicare claims

  • Understand the Medicaid eligibility guidelines

  • Understand the completion of a CMS 1500 billing form for Medicaid claims

  • Describe TRICARE and CHAMPVA

  • Explain the options of TRICARE

  • Understand the completion of a CMS 1500 billing form for TRICARE claims

  • Describe works compensation and how is differs at federal and state level

  • Understand the eligibility requirements for workers compensation

  • Understand the concept of first report of injury and progress report in worker compensation claims





At successful completion, you will receive digital badges that can be used online to display your achievements.




At the completion of the program, you will be awarded with a program completion certificate.




With the completion of this program, you will also be awarded with Career Enhancement Clock Hours (CECH), that may be displayed on your resume. 




Your completion also comes with a dedicated transcript that shows your areas of grades for each course you attended.

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At successful completion of the program you will receive a Certification of Completion with your name on it from New Educare. A certificate of completion displays that you have successfully completed the course work required in the program. It sets a benchmark that others may or may not have achieved. 

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