Marketing Management Specialist Program


Marketing Management Specialist Program provides versatile career opportunities and organizational responsibilities that empower students in opportunities. This Marketing Management Specialist Program provides students the right guidelines in building a life-long relationship with customers. In the marketing world, customers are in charge and to deliver them the right kind of products and services, the organizations come to Marketing Managers.
The Marketing Management Specialist Program is designed for students to understand and analyze the best factors to release a product in order to enable profit maximization. There are 5 C’s, STP and 4P’s in Marketing Management that assist marketing professionals in understanding and considering all types of stakeholders in the business during the development of the products.


The 5C’s include

  • Consumers: their likes and dislikes and their whereabouts.

  • Company: which means a Marketing Manager may evaluate and assess its own position in terms of strengths and weaknesses in order to be able to produce goods and services.

  • Context: the ever dynamic business world and the company’s core objectives impacting its future.

  • Collaborators: your relationship with suppliers also affecting the delivery of goods and services to customers and competitors.

  • Competitors: which means competing ethically amongst other businesses as well as their impact on an organization.


Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning (STP):

  • Segmentation: teaches students on how to segment customers based on their demographics, finance etc to produce goods.

  • Targeting and Positioning: teaches students on how to locate specific target customer groups that match the company’s ability to produce the respective goods and services.

  • Marketing Management Specialist Program may not only help students learn the process of decision making regarding targeting potential consumers during the manufacturing process, it also integrates basic Marketing concepts to apply them in successful execution of the finished product(s).


The 4P’s- Product, Price, Placement and Promotion.

  • Product: the kind of product(s) the customers want.

  • Price: the price range customers can afford.

  • Place: the location where the products will be sold.

  • Promotions: the process of showcasing the products to customers.


Moreover, Marketing Management may also aid students in developing supply chain, maintain a good relationship with suppliers and buyers in a business.

Marketing Management Specialist program may enhance students’ creativity as it informs students on how to develop effective advertising using customer behavior and psychology. Marketing Management Specialist program may provide the right ways of promoting and communicating with customers using the most well-suited social media equipment and that social media influencers choose in representing an organization’s brand. Students might utilize scientific techniques of providing and measuring consumer behavior to get more accurate information assisting them in better product development. They may also learn how to balance and construct a marketing plan in order to synchronize the entire marketing department with the overall objectives of the business.

The Marketing Management Specialist is a self-paced program, this means that you can complete this certificate program at your learning pace within the allotted program duration of access. At successful completion of the program the student will be awarded with a Certificate of Completion.

  • Self-Discipline your self

  • Schedule the time required for study

  • Be Focussed once you enroll.



  • Describe the significance of Marketing Management and what is it exactly.

  • Learn the relationship between customers and sellers.

  • Consider the significance of customer loyalty to everyone as a whole.

  • Identify the marketing layout; 4P’s, 5 C’s and STP.

  • Understand customer psychology and their three steps to buying a product.

  • List the various types of transaction such as B2C and B2B.

  • Discuss segmentations and the types that are needed in selling goods and services.

  • Discuss Targeting and its significance to marketing.

  • Demonstrate how to estimate the potential of the market(s) .

  • Discuss Positioning and its significance to marketing.

  • Illustrate positioning through formulating matrix, visual mapping and constructing a positioning statement.

  • Describe the product and its significance in the marketing sector.

  • Identify the types of products, their expiration and variations.

  • Describe the concept of brand and its significance.

  • Describe the conception phase of branding.

  • Explain different types of strategies in branding.

  • Explain setting a brand equity.

  • Explain the role of bringing new goods and services into the market.

  • Discuss theories of developing products, their launch and the product life cycle.

  • Discuss the importance of pricing, types of pricing, supply-demand and break even analysis.

  • Understand distributing channels, supply chain and their role in marketing.

  • Describe efficient distribution channel methods.

  • Define Push and Pull.

  • Identify any conflicts occurring in distribution channels.

  • Describe the impact of media decisions in campaigning ads.

  • Demonstrate media scheduling and planning.

  • Analyze advertising and sales force(s) .

  • Describe the process of calculating the effectiveness of advertisement.

  • Define social media, its type(s) and associated networks.

  • Describe the process of evaluating customers.

  • Describe the process of customers evaluating goods and services.

  • Identify the process of consumers for assessing the quality and customer satisfaction.

  • Define management of customer relationships.

  • Describe marketing research and its role in marketing.

  • Analyze market segmentation.

  • Identify types of organizations and marketing goals.

  • Describe the integration process of the 5Cs, STP and 4Ps in marketing strategies.





At successful completion, you will receive digital badges that can be used online to display your achievements.




At the completion of the program, you will be awarded with a program completion certificate.




With the completion of this program, you will also be awarded with Career Enhancement Clock Hours (CECH), that may be displayed on your resume. 




Your completion also comes with a dedicated transcript that shows your areas of grades for each course you attended.

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At successful completion of the program you will receive a Certification of Completion with your name on it from New Educare. A certificate of completion displays that you have successfully completed the course work required in the program. It sets a benchmark that others may or may not have achieved. 

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