Dental Assistant Program is a basic entry-level program for students to pursue a career in the healthcare field. This course is designed to introduce dental assisting students to the issues and concepts related to the field of dentistry and dental assisting. The following topics will be covered in this program; Fundamentals of the Dental Profession, Communication and Interaction (multicultural psychology), Jurisprudence and the Ethics, Preventive Techniques and the Oral Health, The Nutrition, Anatomy and Physiology: General, Anatomy: Head and Neck, Histology and Embryology, Morphology of the Tooth, Microbiology, Dental: Charting, Pharmacology, Management of Emergency, Basic Chairside Assisting and Fundamentals of Dental Office, Tray Systems and Basic Chairside Instruments, Maintaining the Operating Field and Transferring the Instrument, Sedation and Anesthesia, Introduction to Equipment and Dental Radiography, Endodontics, Maxillofacial and Oral Surgery, Dental Implants, Oral Pathology, Orthodontics, Dentistry: Pediatric, Dental Sealants, Periodontics, Coronal Polish, Gingival Retraction and Fixed Prosthodontics, Restorative Systems and Computerized Impression, Teeth Whitening and Cosmetic Dentistry, Removable Prosthodontics, Bonding Agents, Liners, Dental Cements, and Bases, Wedge, Matrix, and Restorative Materials, Office Management: Dental, Strategies of Employment. The program has been designed to meet the needs of an entry-level dental assistant. This is a self-paced program, this means that you can complete this career program at your learning pace within the allotted program duration access. This course is designed for learner’s who want to advance their career and are unable to do so, due to their work and person obligations.

Lesson 1.   Fundamentals of the Dental Profession
Lesson 2.   Communication and Interaction (multicultural psychology)
Lesson 3.   Jurisprudence and the Ethics
Lesson 4.   Preventive Techniques and the Oral Health
Lesson 5.   The Nutrition
Lesson 6.   Anatomy and Physiology: General
Lesson 7.   Anatomy: Head and Neck
Lesson 8.   Histology and Embryology
Lesson 9.   Morphology of the Tooth
Lesson 10. Microbiology
Lesson 11. Dental: Charting
Lesson 12. Pharmacology
Lesson 13. Management of Emergency
Lesson 14. Basic Chairside Assisting and Fundamentals of Dental Office
Lesson 15. Tray Systems and Basic Chairside Instruments
Lesson 16. Maintaining the Operating Field and Transferring the Instrument
Lesson 17. Sedation and Anesthesia
Lesson 18. Introduction to Equipment and Dental Radiography
Lesson 19. Endodontics
Lesson 20. Maxillofacial and Oral Surgery
Lesson 21. Dental Implants
Lesson 22. Oral Pathology
Lesson 23. Orthodontics
Lesson 24. Dentistry: Pediatric
Lesson 25. Dental Sealants
Lesson 26. Periodontics
Lesson 27. Coronal Polish
Lesson 28. Gingival Retraction and Fixed Prosthodontics
Lesson 29. Restorative Systems and Computerized Impression
Lesson 30. Teeth Whitening and Cosmetic Dentistry
Lesson 31. Removable Prosthodontics
Lesson 32. Bonding Agents, Liners, Dental Cements, and Bases

Lesson 33. Wedge, Matrix, and Restorative Materials

Lesson 34. Office Management: Dental

Lesson 35. Strategies of Employment

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Dental Assistant Program



Dental Assistant Program




Dental Assistant Program

Digital Badges can be verified by the employers to make sure that the person using the digital badge has successfully completed the certificate in dental assistant program from New Educare Institute of Healthcare. Only students that successfully complete the program are allowed to use the digital badge for the respective programs.  Digital Badges can be displayed on your LinkedIn profile, resumes, profile pages online. Unethical and dishonest use of this digital badge is strictly prohibited. 

On successful completion of the program, the student will be awarded a Certificate in Dental Assistant Program. This certificate will have the students name and the date of issue as given by New Educare Institute of Healthcare. The employer can verify the validity of the certificate for their employee or prospective employees(s) by simply submitting our verification application on our website.

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Dental Assistant Program


Enrollment:  Online or Oncampus

Start Dates: 1st & 15th (Monthly)  

Schedules: Multiple

Duration: 2-4 Months (8-16 Weeks)

Course Language:  English

Career Resources: Yes

Time Commitment: TBD