In this program you will learn the process of reading and understanding residential construction blueprints for construction .

Construction blueprints are the drawings that contain all the details for the project at hand. These blueprints are needed to obtain permits, schedule construction and for budgeting. Blueprints provide the vital information required by all the parties involved in the building process. It all starts with flipping and reading the pages of the blueprint, from visualizing the project on paper to building a real world structure. Knowing how to read the blueprint gives the construction professional a sense of complete understanding of expectations when it comes to design and materials. Depending on the scope of your work, the construction professional must know how to read their part of the blueprints to bid on and build the project. And if you are the construction project manager, construction site supervisor, builder, or developer, then you might have to learn to read the entire blueprint. Not knowing how to read the blueprint may lead to incorrect bidding and design disasters. So, if you are interested in the construction trade industry and would like to learn the art of construction blueprint reading. Then you are at the right place. We are new Educare, offering the construction blueprint reading professional program. In our construction blueprint reading professional program you will learn the various elements and knowledge of reading a blueprint. 

Upon successful completion of the program, you will be awarded with a certificate of completion from new Educare.

  • Identify the profession that is involved in creating the blue prints.

  • Describe the drawing in building plans.

  • Identify and read the scale used on the blueprints. 

  • Identify the lines and symbols on the blueprints.

  • Identify the floor plan of the building looking at the construction blueprints. 

  • Able to identify the different pages of the blueprints such as foundation, framing, electrical, HVAC, plumbing, exterior, etc.

  • Able to identify various types of elevations, section and views when reading blueprints.

  • Understand the rough grading and clearing.

  • Identify the accurate location of the building to be constructed.

  • Identify the utilities on site.

  • Identify the pages in the blueprint for footing and the steps involved as per the building codes for footing. 

  • Identify the foundation wall and details about instructions on building the foundation wall.

  • Identify slabs in the blue prints

  • Identify the insulation details in the plan, specific details are typically mentioned in the blueprints about the value of insulation to be used in building depending on the width of the wood used 2x6 or 2x4 or 2x10.

  • Identify the framing plans in the blueprints and identify the girders and column locations. 

  • Identify the floor framing in the construction blueprints. 

  • Identify roof trusses, rafters and roof design on the blueprints.

  • Identify openings in the framing system for windows, doors, foyers, etc.

  • Identify cornice, windows and doors in the blueprint. 

  • Identify the wall or wood sheath covering using either a housewrap or drain wrap or another special type of covering.

  • Identify the exterior wall material such as stucco, stones, veneer, vinyl siding, cedar siding, bricks, veneer bricks, etc. 

  • Identify the exterior elements of the blur prints, such as deck, retaining walls, pavers etc.

  • Identify the stairs, cabinets, kitchen orientation, bathroom orientation and layout, walking, closets, 

  • Identify the finished flooring material, crown molding, chair molding, coffered ceiling etc.

  • Identify fire related specification on the construction blueprints.





At successful completion, you will receive digital badges that can be used online to display your achievements.




At the completion of the program, you will be awarded with a program completion certificate.




With the completion of this program, you will also be awarded with Career Enhancement Clock Hours (CECH), that may be displayed on your resume. 




Your completion also comes with a dedicated transcript that shows your areas of grades for each course you attended.

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At successful completion of the program you will receive a Certification of Completion with your name on it from New Educare. A certificate of completion displays that you have successfully completed the course work required in the program. It sets a benchmark that others may or may not have achieved. 

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