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  Computer Training School in New Jersey: Approved NJ Dept of Education

Program: Computer Skills Specialist

About Computer Skills Specialist


This program is designed to teach students the computer skills required in any type of office that uses computers on a regular basis. Many businesses are looking for employees that have computer skills to perform the duties more efficiently. A computer skills specialist is a program designed by New Educare Institute of Healthcare taking into the consideration the needs of the employers. Computer has been a integral part of evey business. A business without the use of computer is unimaginable. Whether its heathcare, law office, school setting, non-healthcare business, they all function more efficiently with the proper use of computer. This program is geared more towards teaching skills that would be required in any type of office that requires the use of computers. In this program you will learn basic skills (fundamentals of computers skills) to advance level skills that would be require to manage an office using computers.

Levels of Expertise   3 Levels of Computer Skills:  

  1. Basic – Foundational computer literacy skills  
  2. Intermediate – Computer literacy and competency beyond the foundational level  
  3. Proficient – Computer literacy and competency beyond the intermediate level applied in educational and work settings.

Computer Skills Specialist Program Description

How to Contact the Admissions Office of New Educare Institute of Healthcare

Office Telephone: 973-642-4160

Address: 24 Commerce Street, Ste 401, Newark, NJ 07102

E-mail Address: admin@neihusa.com

All programs offered by New Educare Institute of Healthcare are approved by NJ State Department of Education.

Learn the updated Computer Skills to join the workforce of technology.