Certificate in Business Communication Specialist Program (CBCS)

This course is designed to develop the following professional skills:

  • Written Communication. This program will help you improve and develop the ability to use a concise and grammatically correct language when employing various formats in composing and writing business letters, reports, presentations, resumes, electronic mails (emails), citations, cover letters, memos.
  • Oral Presentation. This program will help you improve and develop the ability to appropriately choose, organize and relay the information in a professional manner. You will also learn about the effects non-verbal and verbal techniques and how to deliver messages in a professional way.
  • Interpersonal, Team, Digital. This program will help you improve and develop the ability to carefully listen and contribute to the performance of the team, participation in meetings, use technologies required, use of technologies that are digital (safe and effective), use of non-verbal skills to advance your career, understand diversity and working in an environment of diversity, obtain competitive edge with business etiquette and professionalism skills.


Certificate in Business Communication Specialist Program


Certificate in Business Communication Specialist Program is a communication program for students to pursue a career in the communications. Every person needs to perfect the art of communication as it is an essential tool for doing business. As we know that communication is a key to personal and career success, therefore communication is considered a key to the global business Industry (Healthcare, Education, Law, Management, Information Technology, Fashion, Etc.). Students in this program study the principles, strategies, and techniques of effective contemporary written and oral business communication to produce professional presentations as well as digital and hard-copy business documents. Emphasis is placed on reviewing grammar and mechanics when creating presentations and messages including e-mails, memos, letters, reports, mobile and social media posts, texts, and résumés. Students learn productive techniques when in business meetings, profiles, and interviews, as well as communicating professionally in a social, and mobile workplace. This certificate in business communication specialist program presents a streamlined approach to business communication that includes unparalleled resources for today’s learners. This program also focuses on Business Communication Skills to a variety of e-mails, memos, letters, reports, and résumés as well as professional social media posts and other short messages. This course can be enrolled by students who wish to either develop communication skills or advance their communication skills. This is a self-paced course, this means that you can complete this certificate program at your learning pace within the allotted program duration access.  

Enrollment:  Online or Oncampus

Start Dates: 1st & 15th (Monthly)  

Pace: Self-Paced

Duration: 2-4 Months (8-16 Weeks)

Course Language:  English

Delivery Method: Online

Time Commitment: TBD


Lesson 1. CBCS: Succeeding in the Social a Mobile Workplace
Lesson 2. CBCS: Planning Business Messages
Lesson 3. CBCS: Organizing and Drafting Messages
Lesson 4. CBCS: Revising Business Messages
Lesson 5. CBCS: Short Workplace Messages and Digital Media
Lesson 6. CBCS: Positive and Neutral Messages
Lesson 7. CBCS: Negative Messages
Lesson 8. CBCS: Persuasive and Sales Messages
Lesson 9. CBCS: Informal Reports
Lesson 10. CBCS: Proposals and Formal Reports
Lesson 11. CBCS: Professionalism at Work
Lesson 12. CBCS: Business Profile
Lesson 13. CBCS: The Job Search, Résumés, and Cover Messages

Lesson 14. CBCS: Interviewing and Following Up.


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Certificate in Business Communication Specialist Program



Business Communication Specialist Program




Business Communication Specialist Program

Digital Badges can be verified by the employers to make sure that the person using the digital badge has successfully completed the certificate in business communication specialist program from New Educare Institute of Healthcare. Only students that successfully complete the program are allowed to use the digital badge for the respective programs.  Digital Badges can be displayed on your LinkedIn profile, resumes, profile pages online. Unethical and dishonest use of this digital badge is strictly prohibited. 

On successful completion of the program, the student will be awarded with a certificate in business communication specialist. This certificate will have the students name and the date of issue as given by New Educare Institute of Healthcare. Employer can verify the validity of the certificate for their employee or prospective employees(s) by simply submitting our verification application on our website.

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Business Communication Specialist Program